Now and then you stumble upon a film that triggers your awareness. ‘My Octopus Teacher’ is a film or more accurately, a documentary in this category. Watching it makes you feel amazed and in awe, over how extremely sophisticated different parts of nature are. 


In this case it’s about a man who finds his teacher in an octopus. She, because the octopuss is female, helps the main character through a difficult time in his life. Before you think ‘this is a difficult movie to watch’, think again. 


The world under water takes you on a story that doesn’t only let the main character fall in love with the octopuss. You will probably as well. The film made me dream at night about this highly sophisticated system under water. It brings you awareness on all sorts of levels. Awareness on how amazing nature is, and its capacity to adapt and move on. But also, how in daily life we are part of a very dynamic and intelligent system. We move through this system without even noticing it. Definitely a film to watch. Let me know what your feelings are about this one. I’m sure everybody will pick up something different.