An easy 'peace of mind' has become a rare experience. There is an overload of input, issues we have to take care of or experiences we’d rather not see and therefore press down deep inside. This society provides us a lot of choices, stories and images we can be a part of. We are asked for a stance in politics, our career, friends, the environment, and our personal growth. And in the meantime it is normal to share this opinion on social media and show off where we stand on all sorts of subjects. Of course this all has to happen in a staggering pace where not reacting for a day might be interpreted as neglecting. 

The funny part of all this, is that the more we choose our position it feels like something else is added to the person we are. But merely an image it is. It is an image of yourself in the outside world, where things dominate and different groups want to justify their echoes of who they are and why they are right and someone else is wrong. 

It is a disconnected world where we feed of objects and hide ourselves from our most vulnerable side. This vulnerable side is open for for someone else his opinion or truth, cause it is curious to learn. To expand its knowledge and experience. It creates space when you think there only opponents. In the space of vulnerability and silence there comes a chance to listen, let go and create. Let's be vulnerable and create space together.